Social documentary photography from the project Breaks and new beginnings

About breaks and new beginnings. Documentary exhibition in photos and texts.

Photographer Thomas Klingberg and journalist Frank Menke accompany…

Stadt Altag Umwelt Bildband


The final project of a photo workshop results in a photo book.

Foto Workshop Düsseldorf

Exhibition Photography and social work in Düsseldorf

People photographically describe their working world. September 2019.

Hamburg Schanzen-Quarter. Genre: Social Documentary Photography.

Social documentary photography: meaning, origin & history

What is social documentary photography, what does it do?

Children in the Karolinenviertel

Save The Date: Exhibition stadTraum in Gelsenkirchen

Photographs, collages, objects, texts: Jaqueline Lobodda and Thomas Klingberg present artworks from their current projects on June 2, 2018.

Düsseldorf Photo Fotofestival - MOSCOW STUDY

MOSCOW STUDY at the Düsseldorf Photo Festival

Vom 16. bis 25. Februar 2018 im Rahmen des Fotofestivals…