Exhibition "Breaks and New Beginnings" by Thomas Klingberg und Frank Menke

Publication on the exhibition Breaks and New Beginnimgs

Publikation Ausstellung Brüche Aufbrüche Thomas Klingberg Frank Menke KopieFrank Menke (texts), Thomas Klingberg (photography)

The exhibition Brüche und Aufbrüche (Breaks and New Beginnimgs), which opened in Düsseldorf in September 2021, was very well received by the public. The Düsseldorf journalist Frank Menke portrayed people who had been affected by long-term unemployment in seven biographical texts that were well worth reading and traced their breaks in life. The Düsseldorf photographer Thomas Klingberg accompanied the project photographically.

Particularly remarkable was the openness and honesty of the seven protagonists who, by taking part in the project Breaks and Awakenings, contributed to breaking down clichés and resentment towards people who hardly have a chance on the first labour market. They talk about breaks in life, about social exclusion, ostracism, discrimination, dreams and wishes. The project sees itself as a corrective to the social prejudices about long-term unemployment that have been cultivated over the years.

Accompanying publication to the exhibition Breaks and Departures

64 Pages
Printed and published by: epubli GmbH, Berlin
Price: EUR 29,90

This book is available under ISBN: 978-3-754135-36-5 in local → bookshops

This article was posted on June 27, 2021

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