Photo exhibition “Women, Men, Children, Asphalt” in Gelsenkirchen

Four photographic statements on the sight of everyday life

Photo project “Be as you feel” with Ulrike Fox

24 large-format black and white portraits of schoolkids…

Danzig Bildband

Photo book Gdansk – A photographic walk

60 black and white photographs and texts on a total of 84 pages….

Aus der Ausstellung "Wir in Gelsenkirchen Horst"

Documentary photography exhibition in Gelsenkirchen

140 black and white photographs by Thomas Klingberg presented in…

Aus der Ausstellung "Wir in Gelsenkirchen Horst"

Exhibition catalogue – We in Gelsenkirchen-Horst

140 photographs by Thomas Klingberg on 148 pages. 978-3-8442-7604-6…

Gesichter der Demenz

Photo exhibition: Faces of dementia

Faces of dementia. For the action day “Born on coal” …