Der Geiger und der Fotograf

The violinist and the photographer. From the project Poeise & Alltag – Worte/Bilder/Dialoge – Fragmented Exhibition in Public Space. Photo: Thomas Klingberg, Colonnades of the Old National Gallery in Berlin

Poetry and everyday life. Fragmented exhibition in public space

“Do the images and stories create a new attention in our social, public spaces and does the inner appreciation change through the lyrical utterance? Berlin author Susanne Schmidt and Düsseldorf photographer Thomas Klingberg have recently begun to get to the bottom of this question. In the project “Poesie & Alltag – Worte/Bilder/Dialoge” (“Poetry & Everyday Life – Words/Pictures/Dialogues”), the two creative artists bring images back to their original place and add the dimension of the word to it.

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This article was posted on February 8, 2016

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