FORST - Sozialdokumentarische Fotografie von Thomas Klingberg

FORST – Contemporary Social Documentary Photography from Germany

In cooperation with renatec GmbH, an employment and qualification company of Diakonie in Düsseldorf, a photographic social documentation on the project “Forst” was produced in July 2015, a reintegration measure for people affected by long-term unemployment, which was presented for the first time on 22 July 2015 during a visit by the Mayor of Düsseldorf, Klaudia Zepuntke, to renatec GmbH. As part of his long-term photographic project “Contemporary Social Documentary Photography”, Thomas Klingberg accompanied people for 7 days in their work in the reintegrating forestry work. The “Forestry” section is a joint project of the Forestry Office of the City of Düsseldorf and renatec GmbH, which offers long-term unemployed people the chance to regain a foothold in their careers.

The series consists of a total of 80 black-and-white photographs.
Format: 30×20 cm.
Genre: Social Documentary Photography

A photo book has also been published about the series.
Forst – social documentary photography
Photography of social work
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This article was posted on July 28, 2015