Britta Zweigner, Thomas Klingberg und Düsseldorfs Vize Bürgermeisterin Claudia Zepuntke at the exhibition opening FORST

renatec Managing Director Britta Zweigner, Artist Thomas Klingberg and Düsseldorf’s Vice Mayor Klaudia Zepuntke at the opening of the → exhibition FORST

Opening of the photo exhibition Forst in Düsseldorf

Klaudia Zepuntke and Frank Schablewski at the opening of the exhibition

Klaudia Zepuntke und Frank Schablewski bei der Eröffnung der Ausstellung

The exhibition “FORST” was opened by Düsseldorf’s deputy mayor Klaudia Zepuntke with the words: “Anyone who deals with Thomas Klingberg’s artificial work will not be surprised by the framework of this exhibition” in a factory hall, which was designed by forestry employees with utensils of their work. Axes, saws, tree trunks, firewood, splitting tools and more. Once again, the decision not to go to a gallery, but to present the social documentary photography series FORST, which shows people without work in a reintegration measure, at the place where the photographs were taken, was the right one. The visitors were impressed by the smell of the wood, the feel and the design of the factory hall. The exhibition of a total of 80 black and white photographs showing people affected by long-term unemployment at work in the reintegrating forestry work supplemented the very lovingly and effortfully designed factory hall and turned it into a total work of art.

The author Frank Schablewski surprised the guests with a spontaneous speech. “Nobody bowed to the torn down crown of an activity: the unemployed person was dethroned. The time has come to rearrange the signs of the times. It’s so beautifully written that a camel is more likely to go through a needle’s eye than a rich man to heaven. It shouldn’t put off a hereafter, but rather correct the imbalance in the present. In Thomas Klingberg’s pictures one can see in black and white what is hardly noticed in the grey tones of society”.

For the photo exhibition a → photobook has been published.


Große und kleine Gäste besuchten die Ausstellung FORST von Thomas Klingberg und trugen sich ins Gästebuch ein

Big and small guests visited the exhibition FORST by Thomas Klingberg and signed in the guestbook.


Karin Rauer (rechts) von Kulturamt Düsseldorf

Karin Rauer (right) from Kulturamt Düsseldorf


Brachte viele kulturinteressierte Menschen zur Ausstellung FORST - Der Shuttle-Bus der "Kunstpunkte"

Brought many people interested in culture to the exhibition FORST – the shuttle bus of the “Kunstpunkte”


Eintrag aus dem Gästebuch. Den Besucherinnen und Besuchern hat das Ausstellungskonzept sehr gut gefallen.

Entry from the guestbook. The visitors liked the exhibition concept very much.


Eine gut besuchte Eröffnung der Fotoausstellung mit vielen interessierten Menschen

A well-attended opening of the photo exhibition with many interested people


Photos: Aija Samina-Edelhoff


This article was posted on September 11, 2016