Ausstellung: "Blick zurück nach vorn" im Dezember in Gelsenkirchen

Exhibition: “Blick zurück nach vorn” (Looking back to the future) in December 2016 in Gelsenkirchen

From 3 December 2016 to 7 January 2017 (extended until 31 January), the photographer → Ulrike Fox and the documentary photographer Thomas Klingberg will bring two photographic projects together in one exhibition. Under the title “Blick zurück nach vorn” (Looking back to the future), the two artists from Gelsenkirchen and Düsseldorf juxtapose portraits of schoolchildren and elderly people from the following projects:

Be how you feel (Ulrike Fox) and
Faces of dementia (Thomas Klingberg)

The portraits are complemented by mirrors suspended between the portraits, in which visitors can look at themselves and thus become part of the exhibition for the time they have eye contact with themselves.

Place of exhibition → Wohnzimmer GE.

The exhibition will open on 3 December 2016 at 19:00.

Wohnzimmer Gelsenkirchen
Wilhelminenstraße 174b
45881 Gelsenkirchen
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PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Station Haldenstraße
It is served by bus 383 and in the nights before Saturday, Sunday and holidays by NE14.

This article was posted on September 2, 2016