Herzbeschnitzte Briefbaumwälder

Heart-carved letter tree forests.
A poem by Thomas Klingberg
Illustrtion: Petrus Akkordeon

What is the distance between us?
When my roses reach you
And my words
And your words
And your kisses visit me

I will write a tree to you
Two lovers carved a heart into it
Long before we loved each other
Because love was already there
And roses
And words
And there were also kisses

So how much is it
the distance between us
When trees grow
And words
And roses
And also kisses become more
And love
Do you feel the winds
Who carry the pollen
From distant fields
By a eloquent silence

The winds are hands
The gentle and tender
Feed us

And so trees grow
From words
Heart-carved letter-tree forests
On my paper