Fotoworkshops in Düsseldorf

Workshops & Coaching for Adults: Photographic Vision, Documentary Photography & Social Documentary Photography

Individual workshops tailored to the specific needs and wishes of small groups on the topics of photographic vision, documentary photography, social documentary photography and social photography. Also possible as individual coaching within the framework of concrete projects. Important: Participants must master the own camera & the digital image processing. No beginner courses.

The workshop includes the following topics and more:
Topic identification, project planning, statement & goal, acquisition of projects, project implementation, image selection, editing, presentation, debriefing, perception and attention, anticipation, empathy, viewfinder, photo composition & visual design.

Social photo projects

Workshops and trainings in cooperation with social institutions, educational institutions, associations and federations.

Examples of social photo projects:

photo book project
Photography and work


Photography mediation:
Workshops for children & teenagers

The workshops for children and teenagers are primarily concerned with communicating the fun and joy of conscious photography. Since the focus of the workshops is primarily on photographic vision and image design, no special skills or knowledge in dealing with one’s own camera are required. If you don’t have a camera, you can also take pictures with a smartphone. Workshops and trainings are also possible as school projects in class groups. Apart from the pure photography mediation also a responsible handling with images in social networks is mediated.

Portfolio viewing

Review of photographic portfolios from the fields of documentary photography and social photography as well as portfolio reviews for children and adolescents on all subject areas.

Exhibition Management

Topic identification, artistic direction, concept development, organisation, curating, image selection, budgeting, marketing & press, accompanying publications, mediation & acquisition of exhibition spaces.