Exhibition: Bärbel Frank and Thomas Klingberg show "strong guys

Art exhibition: Bärbel Frank and Thomas Klingberg show “strong guys” in Hamburg

The exhibition “Starke Typen” will be on view from 03 August 2013 in Hamburg, Senator-Ernst-Weiß-Haus, Bullenkoppel 17. The visually impaired artist has processed in her “Tactile Art Objects” among other things Klingberg’s photographs from the Fight-Club series as well as various artist portraits, such as Reiner Stolz (poet and author), which in Bärbel Frank’s collages experience an exciting tactile interpretation through the application of small objects of varying haptic quality and thus become accessible to visually impaired people. The opening of the exhibition starts on 03 August at 15:00. The artists are present.

This article was posted on June 21, 2013