Poesie und Alltag: Thomas Klingberg Auguste von Blau

The publication to the art project “Poetry and Everyday Life” is now available in bookshops.

This book is an invitation to everyday life. It reveals in a wonderfully carefree way the overlooked beauties right on our doorstep. Photographer Thomas Klingberg and author Auguste von Blau (Susanne Schmidt) show their view of our streets, paths, houses, squares and the people who create or animate these surroundings with great love for the quiet truthfulness we all encounter every day.

Content: 26 image-text exhibits
Pages: 60
Print: Photobrilliant matt 200g
Cover: Hardcover
Binding: bound book
Price: EUR 21,00
ISBN: 9783738640090

Order online or at your → local bookseller.



This article was posted on December 11, 2017


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