Blick zurück nach vorn - Teaserbild

Exhibition: “Blick zurück nach vorn” (Looking back to the future) in December 2016 in Gelsenkirchen

Exhibition by Thomas Klingberg and Ulrike Fox in Gelsenkirchen, opening on 3 December 2016

Portrait of a forest worker

Photobook of the exhibition FORST now available

Those who cannot visit the FORST exhibition in September 2016 will have the opportunity to purchase the accompanying publication

Teaser Kunstpukte Special

Kunstpunkt 158: Exhibition FORST belongs to the Specials of this year’s Kunstpunkte in Düsseldorf

We are very happy that the exhibition FORST belongs to this year’s Specials of the Düsseldorfer Kunstpunkte 2016…

Portfolio Review

Free portfolio review for young people

As part of the Kunstpunkte, Thomas Klingberg offers young photography enthusiasts a free portfolio assessment.

Sozialdokumentarische Fotografie von Thomas Klingberg

Kunstpunkte 2016: Exhibition of the documentation “Forst” in September

In September 2016 Thomas Klingberg presents his photographic social documentary “Forst” in Düsseldorf…

Berliner Woche

Berliner Woche: Poetic View of the Everyday

Press article about the art project “Poesie und Alltag” (Poetry and Everyday Life)

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Sozialdokumentarische Fotografie Bildband Gelsenkirchen
Dokumentarfotografie Zwischen Gleisen
Urbane Fotografie Soziale Fotoworkshops
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